New Books by MC Members

This is a list of social science books written, edited or co-edited by members of Martin Chautari and published by other publishers within the past five years. It does not list works of fiction or other literary books by MC members. In the case of co-written or co-edited volumes, people whose names are marked with an * are not MC members.

Political Change and Public Culture in Post-1990 Nepal.

Michael Hutt* and Pratyoush Onta, eds. 2017. 

New Delhi: Cambridge University Press.

Practices of Sociology in Nepal.

Pranab Kharel and Gaurab KC, eds. 2021.

Kathmandu: Vajra Books.

Death of an Industry.

Mallika Shakya,. 2018. 

New Delhi: Cambridge University Press.

A Difficult Transition: The Nepal Papers.

Mandira Sharma* and Seira Tamang, eds. 2016.

New Delhi: Zubaan.

State, Society and Health in Nepal.

Madhusudan Subedi. 2018.

New Delhi: Routledge.